EARMOR HeadSet RAC Fast Helmet Rails Adapter Attachment Kit for ARC Rail Adapter


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EARMOR HeadSet RAC Rails Adapter Attachment Kit Tactical Headphone Adapter for ARC Rail Adapter Helmet Accessories Free Shipping

Product name: ARC Rails Adapter Attachment Kit

Replace Headband of EARMOR M31/M32 or helmet rail kit of M31H/M32H with M11 ARC helmet rails adapter attachment kit, allows attaching your EARMOR hearing protector directly to ARC helmet rails.

- Durable, lightweight

- Rotatable for stowing EARMOR


- For ARC Helmet Rails (Ops-Core FAST MT) Earmuff brackets that can be easily adapted to most noise reduction earphones enable earmuffs to be mounted on active ARC military helmet Rail of MT military helmet in service.

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- BK 

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1 x 1pcs Rails Adapter Attachment Kit (No included other products )






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